Tooth Extraction Cary NC

Tooth extractions are necessary when the tooth has become badly damaged or overcrowded. Dr. Elise Brace provides tooth extraction treatment and wisdom teeth extraction to patients in her Cary, North Carolina dental office. She is trained in viewing the teeth, gums, bones, and ligaments and understanding where to surgically remove the teeth.

Common reasons for this general dental treatment include:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Creating space for teeth
  • Damage due to accident or trauma
  • Improved tooth alignment
  • Removing extra teeth (wisdom teeth)
  • Certain medical conditions

Impacted wisdom teeth are the most common reason for tooth extraction. Learn more about wisdom teeth below.

Wisdom teeth removal in Cary, North Carolina

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the final set of molars that erupt during a patient’s teen years or early 20s. Studies have shown that everyone has at least one-third molar.

The name “wisdom teeth” came from the thought that during a patient’s late teenage years, they are growing past their adolescent state of learning, making them wiser. For more information on our services, call our office!

Reasons for Removal

In some cases of third molar growth, the teeth come in straight enough to where removal is unnecessary. However, a large percentage of patients have molars that grow sideways, causing pressure and pain on the other teeth.

Angled wisdom teeth can also cause crowding and jaw pain. If removal is needed, our expert team will sit down and walk you through the procedure and discuss any concerns you may have.

Wisdom Teeth Recovery

Once the surgery completes, the effects of the anesthesia will wear off. Please make sure to have a person able to take you home from your appointment. We also recommend that you take at least two days off from work or school to recover.

During the consultation, our team will give you detailed after-care instructions and prescribe medication as needed. Soft food is advised for the first few days after the procedure, and avoid using a straw to prevent complications.

Tooth Replacement Options

If you have lost a tooth due to decay, damage, or trauma, Dr. Brace will review your options for replacement. Although she offers several solutions, dental implants in Cary, North Carolina are the number one tooth replacement option available today. They are the most natural-looking, offer the most oral health benefits, and will function like natural teeth.

Teeth implants can successfully replace one, multiple, or all of your missing teeth.

For a single missing tooth, one implant will be placed and used to secure a dental crown. If you are missing multiple consecutive teeth, two or more implants will be used to secure a dental bridge. If you have to have an entire arch of teeth extracted, then up to eight dental implants can be used to secure a denture.

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