Cost of Dental Implants Cary, NC

Kildaire Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is home to Dr. Jack Zhang, a talented Cary, NC restorative dentist. Dr. Zhang offers dental implants to patients missing any number of teeth.

Teeth implants are the most expensive treatment option, and being able to afford them is a challenge for some patients. However, they also offer the most benefits and allow patients to do natural, everyday things (like talk, eat, and smile) as normally as possible.

Cost of Dental Implants in Cary NC

The Cost of Dental Implants

A consultation is required to determine how much your dental implant treatment will cost. Here, the dentist will examine your entire mouth and medical history. This is necessary since no two patients are alike and will need different care. There are many factors that will go into the total cost of your treatment:

  • How many teeth are missing
  • Where the missing are located
  • The type of restoration needed to replace the teeth
  • The number of dental implants required to support the restoration
  • The size of the implants needed
  • If your dental insurance offers any type of coverage
  • Current oral health status

After your evaluation, our team can estimate the cost of your teeth implants. For your reference, a single dental implant can cost up to $5,000, while a full mouth replacement will cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Dental Implants and Insurance

Are you curious to know if dental insurance will cover your dental implant procedure? You will need to be prepared to examine your insurance coverage. Dental insurance companies and what they cover will be different for everyone. Basic dental insurance coverage does not typically include teeth implants. Unfortunately, they have considered a cosmetic procedure with most companies.

We have seen some policies cover certain parts that are involved in the overall process of replacing missing teeth with implant-supported restorations. Most dental insurance offers some coverage for tooth extractions and dental restoration (such as the bridge, denture, or dental crown).

Payment Options

The Kildaire Family & Cosmetic Dentistry staff is ready to help you get through the sometimes confusing process of paying for your dental implants. If you have dental insurance, our staff will file your claim and provide you with a balance that you will be responsible for. We accept and file claims for all dental insurances, and we are in network with Cigna, Delta Dental Premier, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Kildaire Family & Cosmetic Dentistry accepts all major credit and debit cards and cash. If you need help paying for the balance of your treatment, please contact our office to discuss payment options. We also accept CareCredit, which is a third-party financing option used to cover medical procedures.

Patients that qualify can finance their dental implants and make monthly payments. Additionally, we have our own in-house dental insurance plan, which offers a discount on dental implant restorations.

Are dental implants worth the cost?

As the number one dentist-recommended way to treat tooth loss, it is safe to say dental implants are worth the cost. Simply put, they are the next best thing to natural teeth. You will be able to chew food efficiently, speak without slurring your words, and not have to worry about bone loss in your jaw. Although they are expensive, Kildaire Family & Cosmetic Dentistry will try its best to make it work for you.