Is There an Evolutionary Reason Why Teeth Are So Fragile?

Have you ever wondered why teeth don’t repair themselves like cuts or scrapes on your skin, or broken bones? Why don’t they regenerate themselves like fingernails or hair? Read our blog post where we summarize what science has to say about these questions.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Veneers

If you have teeth that are stained, chipped, gapped, irregularly shaped, or otherwise imperfect cosmetically, read our blog post to discover how you can get your dream smile with dental veneers! We can beautify your smile and restore your confidence at Kildaire Family Dental. Schedule your veneers consultation by contacting us today.

Should I Use an Electric Toothbrush?

If your oral care routine is feeling a bit tired, consider jazzing it up with an electric toothbrush. Read our blog post to decide if investing in an electric toothbrush is the right choice for your dental needs. Our team can help you stay current with the latest dental technology. Contact us today!