How to Fix Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth don’t just affect your smile. Malocclusion can increase your risk of developing worsening dental conditions. For patients with crooked teeth in Cary, NC, there are a few different treatment options available. Using cosmetic and restorative procedures, your dentist could help you adjust your smile and improve your oral health and bite. After a thorough examination and consultation, your dentist can design a treatment plan specific to your unique case.

CROOKED TEETH in Cary NC can be treated using a variety of cosmetic and orthodontic options

Why You Need to Fix Crooked Teeth in Cary, NC

Crooked teeth, even if they don’t affect your smile line, can negatively affect your oral health. Crowding and gaps make it easier for food particles and bacteria to hide in your mouth. And it’s also harder to properly brush and floss around crooked teeth. More than that, crooked teeth can throw off the balance of your bite. This means you’re often putting excessive pressure on certain areas every time you chew. Over time, this can lead to damage to your teeth and could even result in a jaw disorder. The sooner you treat crooked teeth, the more you can protect your mouth from further harm.

Cosmetic Treatment Options

Fixing crooked teeth is often considered a restorative or preventative procedure. This is because crooked teeth lead to an increased risk of decay and damage. However, many patients can benefit from cosmetic treatment options. Porcelain veneers and dental bonding are common procedures for crooked teeth. They are often used for mild to moderate cases of malocclusion.

When getting cosmetic treatments, it’s important to note that many insurance companies can be more restrictive with coverage. However, you may still be able to get financial recuperation for your treatment. With the right narrative and X-rays, you can often prove that cosmetic treatment is serving a restorative or preventative purpose. Depending on which insurance policy you have, you may be able to get partial coverage.

Orthodontic Treatment Options

If you have a more extensive case of crooked teeth, you may need orthodontic treatment instead. For truly severe cases, traditional braces may be required. But many patients can treat their crooked teeth with Invisalign.

Invisalign offers a more discreet option for patients who want to adjust their smile. Treatment with clear aligners also tends to be quicker, and provides more freedom in your diet. However, patients need to be responsible enough to wear their aligners for the majority of the day and night. It’s also crucial that patients have a good oral hygiene routine and are consistent in brushing after every meal or snack. Otherwise, your Invisalign treatment may be less effective or even damaging to your oral health.

If you have crooked teeth, Kildaire Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is here to help. We offer a wide range of cosmetic and clear aligner treatments to help adjust your smile and improve your bite. Call us today at 919.823.7107 to schedule a consultation and see which treatment may be right for you.