What Is Phantom Tooth Pain?

man holding his jaw with phantom tooth pain

Phantom tooth pain sounds like something that occurs mysteriously. However, it’s not an issue that occurs without a reason. It happens after you have a tooth extraction. At Kildaire Family Dental we can help you understand phantom tooth pain and provide you with relief.

General Information About Phantom Tooth Pain

Phantom tooth pain, medically known as atypical odontalgia, is pain that happens in an area where a tooth once was. It’s not caused by the actual tooth. Instead, the pain is in your jaw and gum area. The source of the pain stems from your nerve endings still sending signals to your brain, even though physically there isn’t a cause of the pain. You may have an issue with how your brain processes pain signals. However, the pain may also stem from the nerves where your tooth was.

Identifying Phantom Tooth Pain

Our team takes into consideration if the spot where you have pain has a missing tooth. Additionally, during your exam, Dr. DeSaix will inquire about what type of pain you have. When you come into our office, you’ll undergo a complete dental evaluation, and we’ll obtain information about your medical and dental history. Sometimes, our team will perform imaging to ensure the source of your pain is phantom tooth pain.

Treating Phantom Tooth Pain

Typically, this pain will not go away on its own due to the cause of it.
We don’t advise our patients to use a topical treatment since it’s not as effective for phantom tooth pain. The treatment approach Dr. DeSaix uses for this dental pain is usually an oral medication since it can target the nerves. One possible variety of medication the dentist may prescribe is an antidepressant. These help to ease the symptoms of your pain.

Tooth Pain Relief at Kildaire Family Dental

Phantom tooth pain is more difficult to assess than if there’s an apparent reason for the pain. However, our dentist takes the necessary steps to determine that you have phantom tooth pain. Then, we determine an approach to reduce your pain. If you have tooth pain, book an appointment with Kildaire Family Dental, serving Cary, NC and the general vicinity, to relieve it. We’re available by calling (919) 246-4620.

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