Do I Need a Root Canal? Signs & Symptoms

No one wants to NEED to have a root canal, but it’s important to know when you do so you can get the situation sorted as soon as possible. After all, ignorance is not bliss in this case and ignoring a tooth in need of a root canal can just lead to more trouble for you down the line. Here are the most common signs and symptoms that may signal you’re in need of a root canal:

man holding his jaw in pain in need of a root canal procedure


A toothache, whether a dull ache that always seems to be present or a sharp pain that happens when you’re chewing, is a good indicator that your teeth need to get checked out. An infection inside your tooth could be what’s behind this discomfort!

Tooth Sensitivity

Maybe the situation isn’t so bad that you wouldn’t call what you have tooth pain, but a tooth is definitely sensitive. You might only notice this if you eat or drink something very hot or something very cold, or if you apply pressure to the tooth.

Tooth Discoloration

When we say tooth discoloration, we don’t mean stains from food or yellowing from poor oral hygiene. We’re talking about a tooth that has gone a shade of greyish-black because of a serious infection deep within it.

Sore or Swollen Gums

Don’t just look for signs in your teeth themselves. Your gums can show you quite a bit of information about your dental health as well. If you have a tooth with infected pulp, the gums around that tooth might become sore or swollen. They may also have a small raised bump on them.

Currently dealing with one or more of the symptoms listed above? Pop into Kildaire Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for a consultation so we can take a look and see whether a root canal is in your best interest. Don’t worry, we’ll look at all possible options before recommending root canal treatment!