Ready for a Cosmetic Dental Consult?

Your smile can change over time. Whether you have relaxed good oral habits or aging and other aspects outside of your control have affected your smile, you may no longer feel happy with the way your teeth look. You can talk to your dentist to find dental treatments that can enhance the appearance of your smile.

You can experience a more efficient visit with your dentist when you know what will happen during this appointment ahead of your arrival at the office. Read on to discover what occurs during a consultation appointment with your cosmetic dentist in Cary, NC.

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What to Expect from a Cosmetic Dental Consultation

Oral Health Examination

Though you schedule this appointment with your dentist to discover smile enhancement, they will first want to perform an oral health exam. They will check your teeth and gums for signs of damage or dental issues like tooth decay or gum disease. Then they can offer swift treatment to resolve the problem.

You can experience better results from cosmetic dental work when your natural teeth can provide a strong and healthy foundation. The dentist can also get a firm understanding of your existing dental structure. Then they will know which dental treatments will best suit your unique smile.

Smile Design Plan

With a healthy smile established, you and your dentist can begin discussing your smile aesthetic goals. You can tell them about any problem areas within your smile as well as what you hope your smile can look like after treatment.

The dentist will consider your desires along with your medical history and the current state of your smile to develop an individualized treatment plan. This personalized approach ensures you get the best results according to your unique needs and goals.

Feel free to ask questions and address concerns about your proposed procedures during this time. They can let you know what you will experience so that you feel calm and prepared when you receive your treatment. They will maintain open communication through each step of the process. The dentist will also illustrate your anticipated results so that you can feel confident in your final look.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments Scheduled

Once you and your dentist agree to a treatment strategy, you can work with the front office staff to schedule any necessary dental procedures. Your dentist can inform you about how many appointments you need to complete your cosmetic treatment.

Patients can brighten the color of their teeth with one session of in-office teeth whitening. Or they can choose a take-home whitening option. This will allow them to gradually brighten their smiles over the course of a few weeks.

Treatments like porcelain veneers can take three visits to the dentist’s office, including the initial consult. The dentist must also prepare the surface of the teeth, construct custom veneers, and attach them to the teeth. Call your dentist to schedule your cosmetic consultation and start the road to smile enhancement today.