Prevent Dry Socket After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Your dentist will remind you that if you schedule a tooth extraction procedure, you will need to set aside downtime to recover from your oral surgery. As you heal, a blood clot naturally forms over the surgical site. This should not be dislodged, or you may suffer from a painful condition called dry socket.

Dry socket will require dental intervention to treat, so you should take care to avoid it. Kildaire Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, a dental practice in Cary, NC, describes three steps you can take to prevent dry socket after a wisdom tooth removal or other oral surgery.

dry socket prevention after tooth extraction in Cary North Carolina

Practice Careful Oral Hygiene

Your dentist’s advice will specify that you should practice good oral hygiene to keep the surgical site, as well as the rest of your mouth, sanitized and avoid infections. However, you should take precautions when brushing and flossing near the blood clot so that you do not disturb the area and cause dry socket.

You should still brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily. However, you should listen to your dentist about specific steps you should take in the aftermath of your surgery.

Avoid Sucking Motion with Your Mouth

The combination of airflow and muscle movement when performing a sucking motion with your mouth can dislodge a blood clot and lead to dry socket after a tooth extraction procedure. Because of this, your dentist will ask you not to use a straw for one week after your oral surgery.

They will also recommend that you stop smoking during this healing period. It may be useful to reduce your smoking habits prior to your surgery date to make abstinence easier.

Eat Soft Foods

Your mouth may feel sore when the medication wears off after your procedure. Soft-textured foods can be the easiest food option to eat as you heal.

They will also help you avoid dry socket, because hard, sticky, or chewy foods may disturb a blood clot over the surgical site. You can start eating more solid foods the day after your surgery if you do not notice any pain.

Heal Better After Wisdom Tooth Removal in Cary, NC

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