How to Protect Your Children’s Teeth: Preventive Care, Mouthguards & Everything Inbetween


Protecting your children’s teeth starts with seeing a dentist. Sadly, nearly 30% of children do not see a dentist on a regular basis, and many children have missing teeth or even fillings by the young age of five. Here are a few things you can do to prevent tooth decay and other dental injuries in your little ones.

Preventive Care

Preventive care includes cleanings, dental sealants, and good at-home care. Even when your child is very young, it is imperative to see a dentist, even as young as one-year-old. In fact, your child should see a dentist by either age one, or by the time their first tooth erupts. Once two teeth are touching, you need to get into the habit of flossing your child’s teeth until they are able to do so alone, which is usually around the age of seven. This type of consistent, at-home care will prevent early decay, cavities, and build-up of plaque, which can lead to inflammation of gums and cavities. Another way to prevent cavities is to regulate the sugar intake of your kids. Also, make sure they are brushing their teeth before bed, otherwise in just a single day, plaque build-up can harder to tartar.

Dental Sealants

At Kildaire Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we provide dental sealants for kids. This type of preventive care is a thin, plastic coating that is carefully painted onto the surfaces of your kids’ teeth. It is usually placed on the back teeth and premolars, but can also be painted on any of their teeth. The dental sealant quickly bonds into the depressions and grooves of the teeth, and it creatives a protective shield over the enamel, preventing tooth decay!


Athletic mouthguards are very important for children who are playing sports. Most dental injuries that occur during sports can be prevented, and athletic mouthguards are not just for protecting teeth, but also for protecting injury to the gums. In fact, some studies show that wearing an athletic mouthguard can prevent concussions! We custom-make all athletic mouthguards here at Kildaire Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, so your children’s teeth are both comfortable and protected during sports.


Regular Check-Ups & Fluoride

With regular check-ups, cleanings, good at-home care, and dental sealants, most children will have healthy teeth and gums to carry them into adulthood. However, due to genetics or other factors, sometimes children are still more susceptible to tooth decay than other kids. If this is the case, we recommend professional fluoride treatments to help remineralize the teeth and help prevent tooth decay and cavities from forming in your children’s teeth.

If you have any other specific, in-depth questions about how to protect your kids’s teeth, then call us today for an appointment at Kildaire Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. We love working with kids, and are experienced with all types of care for pediatric patients, from preventive to restorative. Call today!