Clear Adult Braces

Clear Aligner Therapy in Cary, NC

If you are in your 20s or older, you probably feel like the time for straightening your teeth is behind you. But with new clear aligner therapy, you can get orthodontic treatment without the metal brackets and wires you typically think about with braces.

Clear aligner therapy gives you the freedom you need as an adult, without the burdens of traditional orthodontics. A smile that makes you feel good will impact your life in so many positive ways, if you are ready to take the next step and improve your smile, contact us for a FREE Invisalign consultation!

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Invisibally Straighten Your Teeth!

Does your smile make you feel self-conscious? Do you try to keep your teeth covered in photos? Life shouldn’t be about what you are or aren’t, you should be celebrating yourself! We understand that crooked teeth can make one feel embarrassed, but we’re here to help! Aligner therapy will straighten your teeth without drawing attention to your teeth. Nobody will even know you are wearing braces!

Quick, Convenient, & Easy!

Aligner therapy is the most convenient form of adult braces. Not only are they nearly invisible, they can be removed while you eat. That means no food restrictions! Removing your aligners also makes brushing and flossing a breeze, where with traditional braces cleaning would often be a chore. Clear aligners are also much more comfortable because they are smooth against your cheeks and gums. The appointments at Kildaire Family Dental are easy, quick, and convenient. Simply drop in for your new aligner, let Dr. DeSaix check the progress of your treatment, and then you’re done!

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